Thursday, July 10, 2008

The girls

This is my favorite current picture of my darling daughter...One of her favorite games is making Mommy and Daddy lay on the floor to go "night night" as she puts a blanket over us. We get tucked in with kisses and stuffed animals. Then, when she wants us to get up, we have to "chase" her as she does laps around the couch. Quite the little director - I imagine in a few years we will have all the neighbor children at OUR house as she runs the show!
Here's Casey, the downstairs kitty. The cat stand is one of her napping spots , used primarily in the morning since the tile floor is much nicer during the heat of the day!And the "big sister" kitty, Gidget. Since she is the boss, she gets to sleep upstairs. It's funny to wake up, check on the baby and see Gidget sleeping at the top of the stairs so that other kitty doesn't invade her space!

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