Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rising to the challenge

Phew...I finished my entry for the annual longarm group challenge:

That's the back! I'm not going to share the front until after the judging. My initial thoughts are that a) I should have used trapunto in that center floral motif, b) the background fill does nothing to enhance the design because c) I should have used a different transition fabric on the top! Oh, and there are spots where my freehand curves are decidedly flat. So, if the judges are harsh, it won't be unexpected.

On to fun stuff. This was a weekend of Fall Festivities. Last night there was a carnival/party at baby K's daycare. She really enjoyed wearing her costume and getting treats. No photos because the camera was charging for today's fun - Boo at the Zoo:

After visiting all the animals, we had our picnic lunch and K. visited the pumpkin patch. The final treat, which she talked about ALL DAY (before AND after the trip), was a ride on the carousel.

Gee, do you think she enjoyed it?!?

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