Sunday, October 26, 2008


Grandma bought Baby K a swing! Now we don't have to walk a mile to the park, we can spend hours pushing her in our own yard. The first swing time lasted 30 minutes, followed by a 20 minute tantrum because Mommy made her get down.

Then after dinner, she decided to give each of her stuffed animals a turn. Here she is, making sure Raffi is properly strapped in for the ride.

She giggles and grins the whole time. Definitely improves our mood when she is so happy!

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Anonymous said...

Hey girlie! She's getting bigger - and cuter, if that's possible. What's she going to be for Halloween? Eric's decided he doesn't want to dress up (which means no trick or treating in our house), so he wants to stay and hand out candy. With my school, his school, Cub Scouts and AWANAs, and unpacking and everyday festivities (like laundry and dishes), life is crazy but largely unremarkable. It's an adjustment to be back in the States, but I'm mostly enjoying myself.
Are you feeling better? Hope so - sick for a month stinks big time. More later -