Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Funny Faces

No new quilting or knitting to show off today...

I got several inquiries at my guild meeting about finishing quilts for people on my longarm. Of course, that's why I bought the machine - to run a quilting business, I'm just a little nervous about carving that time out since B. is home alone with the baby all day. It doesn't seem fair to ignore them in the evenings or on the weekends to quilt! So, I'm trying to stall potential customers until June when I am out of school and home every day. That way B. can sleep in while I get up at dawn with Baby K, then I can have some guilt-free quilting time later in the day! Work with me people...it's a plan. We'll deal with reality later!!

Here is Baby K's reaction to plain yogurt:

We needed a video camera to capture the full body twitch as she tasted sour..

Here's a much nicer picture that shows off all four teeth:

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Su Bee said...

LOL! It's that full-body shudder that gets me every time -- hysterical! If only they knew, huh?
I'm so jealous about your class with Karen McTavish - that is just too cool! Now for the scary part - ya gotta stitch on it!
(I would use water soluable thread to practice with, and not have to re-draw that intricate pattern over and over - but I'm a chicken)