Tuesday, April 10, 2007

In the meantime

I had a request to see Baby K in her Easter bonnet...I hope this will satisfy the craving, because we didn't do bonnets or baskets this year! B. and I are in the church choir, and we sang at two services on Easter Sunday. I asked Grandma to come up and babysit, which she was THRILLED to do, of course. She brought some toys for the baby and chocolate for the parents. Perfect! Next year, at about 20 months old, Baby K will be in prime egg-hunting shape and we'll go all out.

Aunt Joyce came down to take Baby K to the zoo last week. Daddy said she really enjoyed the small mammal exhibit.
She is starting to pull up on everything, including her playpen and crib:
This sweet little bird brought Easter greetings:
And Baby K finally discovered the cat door into the laundry room! She hasn't tried to crawl through yet, but the opening is definitely too small for her. Man, she can cross the floor in a hurry when she wants to!

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